Thursday, March 17, 2011


At the hotel where I'm currently employed (as in many others) there are preferred guests or "club" members.

Speaking from my own personal experience, the preferred guests I've encountered have actually turned out to be some (if not the) most arrogant and obnoxious guests ever!

They've discovered that if they complain loud enough (while at the same time reminding everyone that they are "preferred" guests) that they tend to receive complimentary items such as wine, meals, etc.

They also tend to mistreat the hotel staff with profanity, threats and, at times, even with physical abuse!

Following are specific details of one such "preferred" guest at my hotel. This guy is a complete asshole!

One night, this idiot was staying in one of the nicer suites (which he was moved in to because he complained about the original room he was assigned to). He was partying with two local prostitutes and decided to order two bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Upon arrival to the suite with the champagne, I was asked (actually told) to open the bottles for them. I opened both bottles and poured three glasses for the guests. The whole time this asshole is standing there completely nude scratching and sniffing himself!

After downing both bottles of champagne, they decided to go downstairs to the pool - completely nude! They were causing so much noise that they began to wake nearby guests (with rooms near the pool). Security had to be called to force them to return to their room to put some clothes on and to keep the noise level down.

The "preferred" asshole was so insulted he decided to check out that same evening. The very next day, he returned to the hotel with two un-opened bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne (purchased elsewhere) and insisted for a refund claiming he had not consumed the bottles he ordered from room service the previous evening. What I could not believe was that the hotel management actually took the bottles and gave this asshole a complete refund (including my tip!). I have never been so disgusted!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've worked at hotels where the security was extremely tight. Tight security is reassuring not only to the guests but to the employees as well. There's a great sense of safety knowing there's such protection while you're working.

At the current hotel where I work security is a sad pathetic joke. It's a bunch of young guys who are more interested in hitting on the female employees than actually protecting the guests or hotel staff.

There are no security checks so, of course, there's a lot of theft from unscrupulous employees.

The hotel is very open to the public. By this, I mean that there are a lot of different entrances where people can just walk on to the hotel grounds. Rather than have the security staff patrol the grounds and entrances to the hotel, they're stationed in an office where they just hang out and play video games on their smart phones.

It's very scary, especially since there are a lot of national and international politicians & dignitaries that stay at this particular hotel.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One thing I've noticed (at all the hotels I've worked at) is how much your boss hates you been off from work.
When you call in sick, you are given such a hard time about calling out. They would rather have you come in to work and infect your co-workers and guests.

Having to take time off due to jury duty is even worse. I've had bosses actually try to convince me to and even offer me tips on how to get out of serving jury duty! That is not only un-American but so very unethical!

I even had a boss exclaim: "Why can't people serve jury duty on their scheduled days off!" What an idiot!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Believe it or not, a lot of people at work steal anything from food, alcohol, toweles, bathrobes, soaps and even toilet paper among other things.
One of my co-workers hosted a party for the christening of her grand-daughter and all the alcohol for the adults were bottles she'd taken from work (bottles of champagne and alcohol from the minibar storage room).

After the end of any banquets or receptions, any food that's left over is quickly packed up by cooks and/or stewards and taken home.

There's another co-worker who's afraid to invite anyone from work to her house because all of her silverware, glassware, dishes, coasters even ashtrays have all been taken from work.

If you ask people why they do it, you'll get a slew of different reasons. Some complain that they have no choice because of a freeze on salary increases and/or an additional 5% deduction in everyone's paycheck. Others say they see it as a chance at getting back at their bosses for mistreating them. And yet others steal for the simple thrill of it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


During my career as an In-Room-Dining Server, I've worked every shift - the morning shift, the afternoon/evening shift and even the overnight shift.

I didn't really care for the morning shift for two reasons: (1) I'm just not a morning person and (2) As busy as it usually gets during the morning shifts, there's not much money to be made. The cost of breakfast is much less than lunch or dinner.

The shift I absolutely HATE is the overnight shift. I find it to be the loneliest and the longest. Many times there's only one person scheduled to work on the overnight shift. As a result, you tend to do more work because there really isn't anybody to share the duties with.
You tend to deal more with drunk guests during the overnight shifts. They'll call with munchies (from a result of what they've been ingesting or drinking). Many times, they're so inebriated that they can barely speak, so getting them to place an order is quite a mission.
When you make it to their rooms for the delivery, most times they are in the nude and/or very touchy-feely with the servers.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm coming down with a cold and, as terrible as I feel, I'm headed to work. One reason is because I feel like if I can actually get out of bed then I can make it to work. Another reason is because, like so many of my co-workers, I just can't afford to take the time off.

I've gone to work with the flu, with an inflamed sciatic nerve and with stomach viruses among other things.

There's also a lot of pressure from your superiors to come in to work no matter how awful you're feeling. Never mind that you may be contagious to your co-workers as well as to the guests - ESPECIALLY if you handle food!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It is always rewarding when your supervisor/manager recognizes your hard work and demonstrates his/her appreciation.

It is also extremely frustrating when you know you're going beyond the call of duty and there is not even the proverbial pat on the back.

One thing is to recognize someone for their excellent work and it's quite another thing to recognize someone because they're just your pet or because they're constantly brown nosing you.

I have never seen such a blatant display of favoritism as where I'm currently employed. My boss is constantly rewarding bad behavior not realizing (or probably not caring) that it's affecting the morale in the entire department.

There are individuals in the department who neglect their side jobs, are chronically late to work and don't event provide excellent service (to the point where they receive low ratings from mystery shoppers). And yet these are the individuals who are constantly being rewarded by our boss.

There are other idividuals who are very professional, are always on time to work, they tackle any side jobs that need to be done and even receive high ratings with mystery shoppers. These individuals are never recognized by our boss. Its very sad and very frustrating.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It always amazes me the things you see as an In-Room-Dining Server. People just have no shame whatsoever. If you place an order for dinner, you should be expecting the delivery soon after. Why would you answer your door naked?! Or, better yet, why can't you wait to have sex AFTER the food has been delivered?

There's a hotel on Miami Beach which features a tower with residents. These residents own their units and enjoy all the amenities of a hotel. Well, there used to be a resident who would always call In-Room-Dining to order dinner for two. Whenever the server would arrive at his residence you could hear the passionate & lustful screams of the woman he was having sex with.

I was the server delivering the order one evening. The screams were so loud that it sounded like they were just on the other side of the door having sex. I knocked. The screaming got louder! It seemed that every time I knocked, the louder the noises (screaming & grunting) got.

After a while the resident opened the door and says, "Sorry to keep you waiting but I was busy." This, while he's standing there all flushed and with an opened bath robe!

It always seemed to us that he timed his "performance" so that everyone could hear him having sex. It was like a turn-on to this cocky son-of-a-bitch. As I said...NO SHAME!