Monday, March 14, 2011


I've worked at hotels where the security was extremely tight. Tight security is reassuring not only to the guests but to the employees as well. There's a great sense of safety knowing there's such protection while you're working.

At the current hotel where I work security is a sad pathetic joke. It's a bunch of young guys who are more interested in hitting on the female employees than actually protecting the guests or hotel staff.

There are no security checks so, of course, there's a lot of theft from unscrupulous employees.

The hotel is very open to the public. By this, I mean that there are a lot of different entrances where people can just walk on to the hotel grounds. Rather than have the security staff patrol the grounds and entrances to the hotel, they're stationed in an office where they just hang out and play video games on their smart phones.

It's very scary, especially since there are a lot of national and international politicians & dignitaries that stay at this particular hotel.

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