Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It always amazes me the things you see as an In-Room-Dining Server. People just have no shame whatsoever. If you place an order for dinner, you should be expecting the delivery soon after. Why would you answer your door naked?! Or, better yet, why can't you wait to have sex AFTER the food has been delivered?

There's a hotel on Miami Beach which features a tower with residents. These residents own their units and enjoy all the amenities of a hotel. Well, there used to be a resident who would always call In-Room-Dining to order dinner for two. Whenever the server would arrive at his residence you could hear the passionate & lustful screams of the woman he was having sex with.

I was the server delivering the order one evening. The screams were so loud that it sounded like they were just on the other side of the door having sex. I knocked. The screaming got louder! It seemed that every time I knocked, the louder the noises (screaming & grunting) got.

After a while the resident opened the door and says, "Sorry to keep you waiting but I was busy." This, while he's standing there all flushed and with an opened bath robe!

It always seemed to us that he timed his "performance" so that everyone could hear him having sex. It was like a turn-on to this cocky son-of-a-bitch. As I said...NO SHAME!

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